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May 25, 2023

European Collaboration Summit 2023; My top 3 and some more...

May 25, 2023  •  2   • 425 
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My report from the European Collaboration Summit 2023

It had been in my calendar since last October, on 22 May it was finally there: the European Collaboration Summit! In this blog, I am happy to share my personal top 3. Plenty to choose from, so in addition to a nice top 3, I also added an unmissable encore.

Within Power Platform projects, it is necessary to think carefully about the architecture. There is no right or wrong, choices depend on various scenarios. Starting with the data source you are going to use. Will you go for SharePoint, file data source, Dataverse or other database. To make the right choice start by answering the following questions:

❔What are you going to do with the data?

❔What is the ‘data journey’ going to be?

❔What will happen to the data when it is ready?

Every database is a datasource, but not every datasource is a database.

#️⃣The hashtag of the ECS is #communityrocks. This is reflected in many examples given: starting with knowledge sharing at conferences, during community calls, YouTube channels. There are many code samples and examples shared for immediate use or to be inspired by. Not only for consultants and developers who work with Microsoft 365 and PowerPlatform every day, but also to inspire organizations and take citizen development to the next level.

💨 When developing and implementing IT solutions, there are often multiple ways to implement it. During the last session of the conference, I was inspired to be critical of the performance of a flow and that sometimes it can easily be made faster by using a different connector or setup. An interesting example was the difference between retrieving SharePoint list items based on a filter with the default action available or by using an HTTP request to SharePoint, getting the same results went from 26 seconds to one second.


An update on the ECS is not complete without saying that co-pilot was the word of the conference. We are going to see co-pilot for example in PowerPoint as a support tool for creating presentations or Word to help create documents. It is also going to be added as a tool within the Power Platform, so within Power Automate you are able to just describe in plain text what you want to achieve in the flow and that the actions you need to do this will be created for you. Sounds very promising, now wait and see when I can put it into practice!

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