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May 2, 2024

PowerFx: Overcome time zone conversion error in Dataverse Formula column

May 2, 2024  •  1   • 194 
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In a Dataverse table you have a date column of which you want to extract the Year, Month, Day or Weekday using a Formula column. While doing this the following error appears: “cannot be performed on this input without a time zone conversion, which is not supported in formula columns.

Error message


Go to the created Date column and check the ‘Time zone adjustment’. It’s probably set to ‘User local’. Switch the Time zone adjustment (Advanced options) to ‘Time zone independent’ or ‘Date only’.

Time zone adjustment

Now it’s no longer a problem to use the Year, Month, Day, Weekday into the newly created formula column:


Tips and tricks

If(Weekday(Date) = 1, "Sunday", If(Weekday(Date) = 2, "Monday",If(Weekday(Date) = 3, "Tuesday", If(Weekday(Date) = 4, "Wednesday",If(Weekday(Date) = 5, "Thursday", If(Weekday(Date) = 6, "Friday", If(Weekday(Date) = 7, "Saturday", "")))))))
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